Services Offered:

Amalgam Free Dentistry

Although metal fillings can aid to improve teeth, they are easy to spot and indeed unnatural looking especially while exposing your teeth. Sometimes, it can also cause patients to feel uncomfortable to retain amalgam or mercury materials for a prolonged period in their mouth.

At Trenton Smiles, we provide a wide range of amalgam-free dental solutions that include bonded fillings, porcelain veneers, non-surgical gum therapy, dental bridges, root canal therapy, dental crowns and dental implants. It involves zero mercury and metal which is advisable for your oral wellness in the future.

If you have a wobbly filling, a defective crown or suspect gum disease, we can provide personalised experience and give the attention that you deserve. With a flawless blend of advanced technology and our expertise in the industry, we look to improve our patients’ overall dental health.

Are you looking for effective, long lasting and gentle dental services? Look no further, Dr. Soni at Trenton Smiles Dental are here to guarantee you, healthy and radiant smile. To avail our professional services, contact us at Trenton Smiles in Trenton, Ontario.

Tooth Colored Bonded Fillings

Bonding involves applying tooth-coloured composite resin to correct a decayed, cracked, broken or stained tooth. It can also be administered to make teeth look longer, as a cosmetic substitute to amalgam fillings or to protect a portion of a tooth's root that is exposed.


During the consultation, our experienced dentist at Trenton Smiles will use a shade guide to choose the composite resin colour that complements the surrounding teeth. During the procedure the damaged tooth or teeth will first be coated lightly with a conditioning liquid and a tooth-coloured, putty-like resin will be applied as a filling. This is then hardened with an UV laser. We will further trim and contour it, and polish the material for smoothness and to match the surrounding surface of your teeth. If you're having more than one tooth done, you may need to schedule additional visits.


Bonding is a simple, effortless and a very effective dental procedure. The resin that we use for bonding is strong, durable and natural looking substance. Unlike other fillings, composites actually chemically glue to your tooth structure, giving it the support it needs to last longer. Most often, we suggest bonding for cosmetic purposes to enhance the appearance of a flawed tooth and smile.

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Dental Bridges

Bridging is a lifelong solution to replace a missing tooth. It provides stability and backing support to the surrounding teeth. Bridging is done at Trenton Smiles Dental to cover and provide a safe surface for the targeted tooth structure. Bridging is achieved by fusing between the crowns to deliver a straight, healthy and dazzling smile. The porcelain or metal bridge will be reviewed and tailored by us, as necessary, to achieve a proper fit. We use natural teeth or implants of highest quality to deliver excellent results to our clients. More than one visit may be needed to check the fit of the metal framework and monitor the progress.

What are the benefits?

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Dental Crowns

At Trenton Smiles, dental crown procedure is done for one of the several reasons; replacing a large filling, strengthening a weakened tooth, repairing a broken tooth, covering a tooth that is stained or misshaped or has received a root canal. It is done for cosmetic as well as restorative purposes.

Besides improving and enhancing the look of damaged tooth or teeth, our crowns offer a high amount of strength, durability and assurance. After a consultation with us, we will recommend the most suitable type of crown made of either porcelain or ceramic, whichever is best for your tooth. It usually takes two or more visits for installing a dental crown.

Steps Involved in Preparing a Tooth for a Crown

First visit (Examining and preparing the tooth): Dr. Soni will examine and analyse the damaged tooth to ensure that it can support and withheld a crown. We may need to reshape and fill the tooth, to make sure it large enough to properly fit the crown. An impression of your tooth will be taken so the permanent crown can be made precisely. You will have a temporary crown that will safeguard the tooth until the final crown is ready to be implanted.

Second visit (Receiving the permanent dental crown): Your temporary crown will be removed and the fit and shade of the permanent crown will be inspected. A local anaesthetic will be used to numb and the new crown will be cemented in place. After the installation of the permanent crown, we assure that it will look, function and feel like a regular tooth.

You may feel a little bit of discomfort or sensitivity, develop chipped or loose crown, have an allergic reaction or may spot a dark coloured line near the corresponding gum. For any such complications, you can visit us at Trenton Smiles Dental in Trenton, Ontario and we will effortlessly solve such post-procedure problems.

Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration is a process of improving one’s mouth with badly compromised teeth, gums, or missing teeth. The aim of the reconstruction is to recover full and comprehensive function to the mouth. At Trenton Smiles, we are always about giving our patients a beautiful and flawless smile. Depending on the issues we are addressing, the treatment can involve any dental treatment or a combination of many dental procedures. Although it is an extensive treatment, we have the modern technology and equipment for accurate diagnosis to provide professional and painless services.

Reasons for full mouth rehabilitation vary:

If you have undergone any of these, please come in for an extensive consultation for an initial evaluation. Our supportive dentist will help you conclude if a full mouth reconstruction is the best course of action. Our step-by-step treatment plan will brief you on how we will approach to restore your teeth, gums and other dental issues. The procedures many include dental implants, crowns and veneers, bridging, smile correction, gum and bone grafting or deep dental cleaning. The length of a full mouth restoration depends on the severity and condition. In some cases, it can last up to 12 months or more while others may take less time.

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Dental Hygiene Services

By placing a strong priority on oral health and cleanliness, we will help our patients to avoid the development of oral diseases. We recommend regular visit to our dentist so that we can do a thorough analysation of your mouth and perform a professional cleaning and discuss about your dental health. If the examination shows the presence of tooth infection, you will probably be advised for a filling in the damaged tooth. General Hygiene procedure at Trenton Smiles Dental involves analysing, preventing and treating diverse disarrays affecting mouth and surrounding region of your body. Our qualified dentist will provide total dental care and preventative methods to the patients. We also design a general treatment plan that will help in the prevention of tooth decay and infections in gums, mouth and tongue.

At Trenton Smiles Dental, we provide services such as:

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Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

We offer a variety of treatments for gum diseases depending on the stage of condition, how you may have reacted to previous treatment procedures and your overall health. As most of the gum disease is usually painless, it may have skipped your notice. Using the latest tools and methods, such as digital X-rays, we can check the condition of your gums to see if any discomfort is present. If you notice any of the following signs of gum disease, we suggest you visit our dentist at Trenton Smiles for effective treatment.

It is important to do gum cleaning and therapy to improve overall health and achieve reduction of bacteria level in the mouth. This therapy is performed over a series of visits for high effectiveness. With our advanced technology and skilled dentist, you don’t need to undergo the pain of surgery to treat your gum disease!

Porcelain Veneers

Dental porcelain veneers are thin, resin like and custom-made shells of tooth-coloured substance to cover the frontal surface of the desired tooth. We will help you improve your appearance with our service by matching the shells to the colour, shape, size and length of your actual tooth. We will also help you choose the best choice of veneer that will be long lasting and comfortable.

If your teeth are:

We advise you to book an appointment with us at Trenton Smiles to help you with the procedure and although it may require two or three visits, we ensure to make you feel effortless through the whole process. Dr. Soni will initially diagnose and plan the treatment. He will then prepare you for bonding which is a process that involves cementing the veneer permanently to your tooth.

What are the benefits?

Root Canal Therapy

Instead of removing a severely damaged or decayed tooth, root canal treatment makes it possible to retrieve and save it. You man worry that a root canal will be painful but with our advanced anaesthesia options and surgical technics, we ensure a painless process. In fact, what causes the actual pain is the infected tooth. It can also lead to tooth abscess and weaken the surrounding bone. A well-treated tooth can last a lifetime with proper oral care. For this treatment, Dr. Soni will walk you through this process gently. It involves a few steps where,

Depending on your situation, if more than one visit is required, we will place a temporary filling in the crown opening to protect the tooth until the final cementing. We may also require to place a metal or plastic rod for structural support. Although most of the times we can accomplish a successful treatment, as a preventive measure, we will also brief you on the complications of a root canal. To book an appointment with us, contact Dr. Soni at Trenton Smiles Dental in Trenton, Ontario.

TMJ (TMD) Therapy

TMJ is literally, a pain. It is an issue with your TM joint that links your lower jaw to your skull. You may sense a sharp pain near your ears, have trouble opening your mouth wide open or chewing, jaw or neck pain, feel unusual ringing in the ears. There are several factors that cause these problems; grinding your teeth continuously, clenching your jaw, stress, poor posture, arthritis or an injury.

Think you have it ? Dr. Soni is here to give answers to your questions & solutions to your problems. He will examine your condition, health history and check your jaw joints for pain or tenderness. At Trenton, we ensure to give full function to your jaw without any discomfort. We will also check for other problems with your facial muscle.

We may require to take full X-rays, MRI or CT so that our dentist can view your jaws, temporomandibular joints and teeth to make sure that other problems are ruled out. We will care for your further treatment and guide you in the process. To avoid TMJ pain, we suggest our patients to avoid consuming extremely cold or hot foods, restrain from extreme jaw movements, to keep your teeth and jaws slightly apart and to learn easy relaxation techniques.

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Teeth Whitening

Problem with Stained Teeth? Stains, stains, Go Away! Get rid of deep stains for a brighter smile.

Nowadays, this treatment is very simple, easy and affordable that they are now a usual aspect of our client’s beauty routine. You will be happy to know that we have plenty of choices. Services provided by our dentist to grade teeth whitening, produce excellent results in the long run. We make sure to brighten your smile just as much to perfection.

We perform professional teeth whitening treatments. It may only take one visit and this therapy can bleach rooted stains and lighten the overall colour of the teeth. Teeth can start to discolour with age. This also happens from the ingestion of tea, coffee and other deeply stained food. Even smoking can produce tar on your teeth and gums. If necessary, we will also use an advanced laser technology for whitening of teeth. According to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, laser treatment will lighten a patient’s teeth up to 10 shades in one sitting. Our dentist will consult you on the best method for your stained teeth depending on your choice.

This treatment is an effective and effortless method to lighten your tooth so you can go for a wide smile. We ensure to implement the treatments using materials that can give long lasting, durable results.

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Tooth Extraction

Simple extractions can be done in-house by Dr.Soni. Complex extractions can be referred to Consultants.